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Here is the perfect gift for the Baseball Enthusiast. The pen top features the outside architecture of a baseball stadium casted around the top of the pen with a baseball infield inside the baseball stadium top. The upper pen body and clip has the batter waiting for his pitch. The "Curveball" Bolt Action mechanism replicates the arc of a pitcher's curveball approaching the batter. The pen tip incorporates a baseball that makes for a comfortable writing experience. All pens ship in a gift box that includes a Certificate of Authenticity, an About Your Pen card and a sample of the pre-turned pen barrel material. 

The Baseball Pen come with Medium Point Parker Style refill already inserted. All Gelsey Pen Company Pens have a clear finish polished to a high gloss sheen that should last a lifetime.

Glenmorangie Whiskey Baseball Ballpoint Pen

  • Don’t use cleaning fluids or any abrasive substance (car wax) on any part of your new writing instrument. The fluids and / or abrasives may damage the fine finish. Avoid leaving it where the extreme temperature changes could lead to damage and possibly even cause the refill cartridge to leak. Use a soft cloth to clean off your pen.
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