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Image by Alex Jones


When serial entrepreneur Andy Gelsey was trying to find his next concept to develop he was coming up empty as far as ideas. It was during this time that his son was going to graduate college. Andy wanted to give his son a gift that he would remember and become a family heirloom. Andy wanted to make his son a pen. With that goal in mind, Andy set out to teach himself how to turn wood, so he could make the perfect gift. it was during the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent shutdown of life that he ran across an article about turning your hobby into a side hustle or business. At this point, The Gelsey Pen Company was "born". 


He didn't want his business to be just another woodturner selling the basic pens. Instead, Gelsey Pens had to be unique and top quality. Thus began a months-long dive into all aspects of the business.

When you purchase a handcrafted piece from Gelsey Pen Co. rest assured you’re going to receive a top-notch product, made from the highest quality wood and materials available. Crafted to last and to be remembered.

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